Q: Which areas of Melbourne do you operate in?

A: We strive to cover the entire city and its suburbs. Please, give the details about your location to one of our customer service representatives and you will be advised on whether we can assist you with your cleaning requirements or not.

Q: Do I need to pay for any parking fees?

A: The cleaners will always attempt to find a free parking spot for their vehicle. If this is impossible, the additional parking charge will be included in your service.

Q: Do I have to provide cleaning detergents?

A: No. The cleaning operatives will bring everything that is required for the job to be completed.

Q: I had my rented place cleaned by another company. However, they did not do a great job, and nobody came to mend several problems. Can you help?

A: Of course. If you don’t wish to purchase another vacate cleaning service, you can book just a few hours with us. The cleaners will ensure that any missed spots are thoroughly re-cleaned. However, please note that our one-off cleaning service does not come with a bond back guarantee.

Q: How can I cancel my appointment?

A: Please, notify us at least 24 hours in advance, to avoid any cancellation fees.

Q: Can I have my windows fully washed as part of this service?

A: You can book our specialised window cleaning service at preferential rates. It includes washing the interior and the exterior of the windows. The one-off cleaners are not trained to clean windows, located above certain height, where specialised equipment must be employed.

Q: I would like my fridge to be cleaned, but I forgot to defrost it?

A: Unfortunately, the cleaners will not be able to sanitise the appliance if it has not been emptied and defrosted prior to the service.

Q: Can I request for something to be cleaned after the cleaners have already started their job?

A: Of course. You can add another cleaning task to your list, if it can be done within the allocated booked time. You can also change your priorities and replace one task with another if the booked hours are not enough. The cleaner may also be available to stay the extra time, required for the new task, for which you can pay additionally. Please note, that we need a sufficient notice if you change your mind about an already booked specialised service, like carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

Commercial cleaning

Q: Do you clean commercial carpets?

A: Yes. We provide carpet cleaning solutions for offices and commercial buildings.

Q: How often should I clean my carpet?

A: We recommend that your carpeting is professionally cleaned every six months. Commercial property owners may benefit from servicing their carpeted floors 4 times a year.

Q: Does the carpet protection really work?

A: We use Scotchgard carpet protector, which is an effective stain repellent. It is proven to prolong the life of the carpet. High-traffic areas may also benefit from being additionally protected.

Q: Can you remove bad smells from my carpets?

A: The deep carpet cleaning methods eliminate effectively unpleasant odours. Your carpeting can also be deodorised, upon request. Additional fees may apply.

Q: Do you clean all types of rugs?

A: We specialise in providing the right cleaning solutions for a variety of rugs, with respect to the style and the material they are made from. Your technician will perform a patch test first, to ensure that the cleaning product is suitable and safe to use on your rug.

Q: Am I eligible for a discount if I book a carpet and an upholstery cleaning service at the same time?

A: Yes. Discounts apply on combined services.

Q: What about regular customers? Do they pay less for your services?

A: Yes. Discounts also apply if you become a regular customer. Moreover, we will ensure that you do not forget and miss your next carpet cleaning session by sending you a reminder before it is due.

Q: Would there be a wet smell, after my carpet has been steam cleaned?

A: Not really. You can speed up the drying process by turning on the AC system or the heating. Airing the room for a few hours by opening the windows will also help.

Q: I have a Persian cat. Can the carpet cleaning detergents harm her in any way?

A: We use only industry-tested cleaning products, which are child and pet safe.

Regular cleaning

Q: I have booked a fortnightly domestic help with the same cleaner. How do I go about having my windows cleaned every two months? Can the cleaner do this?

A: You can discuss with your housekeeper any additional tasks that you might want to include in your session at different intervals. The housekeepers are normally equipped with a small stepladder and they may be able to clean the interior windows. However, the domestic cleaners are not trained to operate the specialised equipment which is employed sometimes for cleaning exterior windows. Please, note that you can book a separate window cleaning service with qualified technicians. Discounts may apply.

Q: Can I change the day of my regular weekly appointments?

A: Yes. Please, inform us about any day and time changes to your routine session well in advance (preferably, 48 hours prior to your appointment). Otherwise, we may not be able to provide you with the same cleaner, if they cannot reorganise their own working schedule.

Q: I have a small dog. Is this a problem?

A: We are a pet-friendly service provider. We are happy to provide you with our services, as long as your pet is friendly, and your house cleaning assistant is notified about the presence of a cat or a dog in the property. Please, note that the housekeeper can feed your pet, upon request.

Q: I am moving cities very soon. Are there any charges if I no longer require your service?

A: As this is a non-contract-based service, we only require a 7-day notice to cancel your routine domestic appointments. Please note, that you can continue to benefit from a tidy home on a regular basis by transferring the service, if you are moving to Sydney, Brisbane or Perth. We can provide you with a dedicated house cleaning assistant in any of these locations.

Q: I am moving cities very soon. Are there any charges if I no longer require your service?

A: Yes. The cleaners are equipped with all the tools and cleaning kits, required for the job. However, it’s OK if you choose to use your own. Please, remember to ensure that you do not run out of any detergents, which the cleaner might need to complete a specific task.

Q: Can my weekly cleaning sessions be booked on Sundays?

A: Yes. We operate seven days a week and you will not be charged extra for public holiday or weekend bookings. The same applies for evening appointments, too.

Q: Can I change the housekeeper if I am not happy with their work?

A: Yes. Please, notify your customer service representative about your request. You will be assisted promptly with all queries or concerns you might have.

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