Oven Cleaning

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Muhaini Cleaners specialises in deep oven cleaning and detailing services that can be brought to you in a matter of days.. Once you meet the dedicated team of Muhaini  oven technicians and let them bring your appliance to a showroom condition, you can join our reminder service list and get the full benefits of a regular oven maintenance at discounted rates.

Your appliance is constructed of many individual parts. The detailing service involves dismantling your cooker into all the individual elements that allow to be taken apart. It also includes cleaning of areas, which are hidden, such as behind the self-cleaning liners, behind the fan in convection ovens, above the grill element, or in between the glass panels of the oven door, if the seal is removable. To sum it up – it is oven cleaning in detail and cleaning every detail of your oven.

What to Expect from Your Oven Cleaning Service

The floor area around the appliance is then covered with a protective sheet.

The oven cleaning experts dismantle the cooker into its individual parts (those that can be removed), which are, then, cleaned separately with appropriate detergents.

The oven chamber is degreased, and all carbon deposits are scraped off. Great care is taken, so all hidden places near the electrical elements are reached and cleaned.

The appliance is then wiped and polished inside and outside, including the stove top, hobs, dials, knobs and fittings.

The oven door is put back in place, after it has been thoroughly polished inside and out.

All the racks and trays are placed back, too.

The technicians test the oven to determine that it is working properly.

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